Here at Azzura Charters we welcome the winter ski season and the challenges it brings to private air charter. Over the years we have encountered all types of weather scenarios around Europe when chartering aircraft for our clients to take a ski vacation. From airport closures due to heavy snow falls over the runway to low cloud bases reducing aircraft visibility around the mountainous terrain. With these experiences, teamed with our expert knowledge and professionalism our clients call upon us each ski season to assist with organising their winter ski jet charter as they know whatever the weather they are in safe hands.

Hiring a Private Jet to go skiing or snowboarding allows you to land closer to your ski resort. Whilst the commercial airlines serve the larger airports such as Geneva, Grenoble and Zurich they are unable to land at the smaller airports typically closest to the ski resorts. If you are not sure which airport would be the closest to your end destination we are happy to take a look at the map and advise you accordingly.

With a private air charter we can take you to smaller private airfields closer to your ski resort such as Samedan Airport for St Moritz, Sion Airport for Verbier and Chambery Airport for Courcheval and Val d’Isere to name a few.

With a vast number of excellent ski resorts within 90 minutes flying from London a weekend break is easily accessible, even at short notice.

Through our experience in organising private air charters we have gained first-hand knowledge of some of the little quirks the airports have during the snow season such as

  • We know certain airports suffer with deteriorating weather as the day goes on and will therefore recommend to a client to take a morning flight.
  • We know which airports are restricted by the number of aircraft that can land and take off in a day and therefore a slot is required.
  • We know which airports slots get booked up quite far in advance and would recommend to our clients early confirmation to secure the preferred arrival / departure time.
  • We know which airports typically do not allow aircraft to park for more than 24 hours as they have limited aircraft parking space.
  • We know which aircraft can operate into certain airports with restrictions such as the runway length, opening hours, airfield navigational aids.

You can be rest assured that we monitor the weather forecast closely in the 24 hours prior to your departure, liaising with the Captain to ensure the weather conditions from the departure point to the arrival point are suitable for flying. If for any reason the forecast shows potential weather disruption to the flight or if we have incurred a slot we will keep you advised and work with you to ensure that you arrive relaxed ready to start your vacation.

To ensure we are offering you the most suitable aircraft type for your travel we will ask some additional questions such as;

  • Will you be taking skis or snowboards with you? If the answer is yes we will just ask how many sets and if the skis are short or long skis.
  • How many boot bags and / or additional  pieces of luggage you will be taking for ski clothing, in addition to standard luggage

By asking these additional questions we can ensure that we select the aircraft types which have the luggage hold capacity to accommodate such items.

Should you require additional services after your private air charter such as ground transportation or a helicopter charter we would be delighted to assist in putting together the complete package for you.

Contact us today for a competitive quotation for your next ski trip.