Why charter with Azzura Charters

Welcome to Azzura Charters the specialists in organising bespoke charter services. When you are looking for a quotation for a luxury aircraft you can be rest assured that with one call or email to Azzura Charters that not only will your charter requirements be fulfilled but your expectations exceeded. Our business is built on the foundations of honesty, trust, dedication and attention to detail and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and exceptional customer service which finds our business growing by reputation and recommendations from repeat customers.

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, by helicopter or jet, you the customer are in control of your own itinerary. Azzura Charters  will work with you by providing our professional advice and recommendations on the most suitable aircraft hire options to fulfill the requirements of the trip. We source charter aircraft on your behalf from the utmost professional of aircraft operators to meet the requirements of the trip in terms of aircraft performance and quality, passenger numbers, luggage requirements and departure and arrival airports.

At Azzura Charters we have access to a worldwide network of aircraft which are fully licensed and certified for private hire enabling us to check real time aircraft availability upon receipt of a client’s flight itinerary. As successful brokers with industry knowledge and experience we are recognised worldwide by aircraft operators, handling agents and caterers alike.

We don’t believe in stipulating which handling agent you report to at the airport, or putting standard aircraft catering on-board your flight we believe that you, our client should always have a choice, which is why when there is a range of handling agents available at any airport we will ask you if you have a preference and when it comes to onboard catering we will arrange and cater for your specific or dietary requirements.

Azzura Charters monitors the progress of every charter from start to finish. We will keep in contact with you and / or a designated person on the ground such as a PA or chauffeur driver providing them with as much or as little detail as you request by either, phone, SMS, or email keeping you updated regarding the weather conditions, possible slots, confirmed departure and arrival times etc..

Azzura Charters can organise a variety of additional services from ground transportation at either end of your journey to yacht charter around Europe. Through a range of select partners we can source and organise both sail yachts and motor yachts.

Our overall intention is to offer you the newest most modern aircraft for hire at a competitive price to match your itinerary whilst ensuring you of a dedicated personalised customer service at all times.

Azzura Charters is actively seeking new customers to experience our bespoke aircraft charter service and help us to grow our business, so please next time you require a charter quotation contact us in one of the following ways: via our website enquiry form, by emailing enquiries@AzzuraCharters.com or by calling +44 (0) 7970 113 768 .

We have every confidence that you’ll be glad you did.