The PA’s Personal Assistant

Here at Azzura Charters, we think of ourselves as the PA’s assistant and we are here to assist you and take off some of the pressure of your workload when it comes to arranging private air charter.

When you need to organise a private air charter you can be rest assured that with one phone call or email to Azzura Charters your very own assistant will source and propose a selection of aircraft for you along with a professional recommendation of the aircraft which offers an all-round best solution in line with the flight itinerary.

Some of our PA’s know exactly what they require from the charter in terms of airports, aircraft and departure times, others look to Azzura Charters for advice and guidance and that is exactly what we are here for.

With basic details of the number of passengers, where they will be travelling from and the location and time they need to be at their destination we can put together a flight itinerary that meets the requirements.


Should you require assistance with ground transportation at either end of your flight, we would be delighted to assist. We specialise in sourcing chauffeur vehicles and drivers local to your destination based on the recommendations of the handling agents, so that we know that the drivers and vehicles are an approved and creditable outfit.

Azzura Charters is always looking for new PA’s, EA’s and Office Managers who we can offer our support services to, so even if you have a current supplier please feel free to contact us for a quotation even if it is just for comparison purposes, we are confident that you will find an exceptional service and a competitive price that might just sway you to charter your next aircraft with us.

As a thank you to our PA’s EA’s and Office Managers for choosing Azzura Charters for their aircraft charter bookings we offer a reward scheme in association with Red Letter Days.  For further details about the reward scheme visit the PA’s Recognition Rewards page.

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