Travelling with Pets

When travelling by private jet there’s no need to leave your pets at home. With the Pet Travel Scheme cats and dogs can  re-enter the UK without having to go through quarantine as long as they adhere to the DEFRA guidelines concerning vaccinations, treatments, and carry the supporting paperwork. The rules for bringing your pet cat or dog into the UK changed on the 1st January 2012. The PDF document below contains further details


There are two main things to consider when planning to fly into the UK with you cat or dog and that is that the aircraft chartered must be DEFRA approved to bring pets into the UK and that the charter flight lands at a UK airport which is approved by DEFRA as an arrival point of entry. Azzura Charters keeps up-to-date with DEFRA and the approved aircraft operators and were here to make sure that we source you the appropriate aircraft for your route that has been approved by DEFRA to enter the UK.

The current UK approved points of entry are Biggin Hill Airport, Lydd Airport, Cambridge Airport, Oxford Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport, Doncaster Robin Hood Airport and Manchester Airport.

With a private jet charter your pet can come along in the cabin with the passengers, so there’s no unpleasant journey in a dark gloomy luggage hold. Our Captains do however require that your pet be in their carrier box during take-off and landing.

We will assist you with the paperwork requirements that are required and take copies of these for you so we can pass these on to the relevant authorities for pre-clearance and notification of the pet’s arrival by private air charter.

Here at Azzura Jet Charters we love cats and dogs too, so we ensure that your pets have a little VIP treat on board too.