Game Shooting

When the 2018 / 2019 game season commences around the UK what better way to travel to a shoot than by a private helicopter charter.  Azzura Charters has a wide variety of helicopter types available for charter capable of reaching the most remote locations.

A helicopter charter provides a quick, safe and stylish way to travel allowing you to take in the spectacular rural scenery en-route.  Whether you are going for the day, overnight or a weekend we will work with you to source the appropriate helicopter for the number of passengers, distance and rural surroundings. The major benefit of travelling by helicopter is that you can land directly at the shooting estate saving you travel time which can be spent enjoying your days shoot.

The table below lists the shooting seasons of the main game species in England, Wales and Scotland.

Game Season

Pheasant                                        October 1st – February 1st

     Partridge                                         September 1st – February 1st

     Grouse                                            August 12th – December 10th

     Ptarmigan                                       August 12th – December 10th

     Black game                                     August 20th – December 10th

Common snipe                                October 1st – January 31st

      Woodcock (England & Wales)        September 1st – January 31st

     Woodstock (Scotland)                     September 1st – January 31st

     Duck and Goose (Inland)                September 1st – January 31st

      Duck and Goose (Forshore)           September 1st – February 20th

    Coot / Moorhen / Golden Plover     September 1st – January 1st

Hare                                                No Close Season

When planning your next game shoot whether  its for a corporate day or purely just for leisure contact the Azzura Charters team for a personalised private helicopter charter quotation.