Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are a great way to access private jet charters at a heavily reduced cost.

Each private jet is based at a particular airport. When they are chartered, aircraft frequently have to pick up and drop off passengers from airports other than where they are normally based. These portions of the plane’s journey when they are without passengers are called empty legs. Heavily discounted rates for these empty legs are available from Azzura Charters because private jet operators would rather not have a wasted journey and the associated costs.

If you are flexible with your departure dates and timings Azzura Charters can source empty leg flights which can be reduced by up to 75% of the normal price.

Below is a list of empty legs that are currently available, along with the discounted rate for that route. All empty leg prices are subject to availability. If you would like further information regarding the specific departure time for an empty leg that is listed below click on the enquiry button to submit your interest.

Available From Available Until Departing From Arriving Into Aircraft Type No. of Seats Price Enquire