Turbo prop aircraft typically seat between 6 and 8 passengers, depending on the cabin seating configuration, in armchair-style seats. They offer a good size luggage compartment and a basic onboard toilet facility. Some aircraft have a larger hold than others, so if you need to carry bulky items, such as snowboards or mountain bikes, please let us know so that we can source you the most appropriate plane. A pressurised cabin increases comfort and light cold catering and refreshments are included as standard with your private jet charter. Some turbo prop aircraft for hire in this category come with a single pilot crew although in general they are chartered with a two pilot crew.

Turbo prop charter is ideal for convenient business travel because they can access more airports in smaller towns due to the aircraft’s ability to fly in and out of airfields with shorter runways. This allows you and your group to quickly get to and from your destination with minimum hassle; the average cruising speed of a turbo prop is 300mph. Turbo prop aircraft have an average range of around 1300 miles and is an economical option for shorter flights. This category of jet charter is perfect for regional trips within the UK.

Azzura Charters offer a range of turbo prop charter options that allow you to travel in style.Click on an aircraft image to see a typical cabin interior and cabin seating plan.

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Beechcraft King Air 90 GTx

  • Seats: 6
  • Range: 2 hours (1310 miles)
  • Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 09 H x 4ft 06 W x 12ft 07 L

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Beechcraft King Air 200

  • Seats: 7
  • Range: 3 hours (1250 miles)
  • Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 09 H x 4ft 06 W x 22ft L

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Beechcraft King Air 350

  • Seats: 8
  • Range: 3 hours (1200 miles)
  • Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 09 H x 4ft 06 W x 19ft 06 L

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Piaggio 180 Avanti

  • Seats: 6
  • Range: 1450 miles
  • Cabin Dimensions: 5 ft 09 H x 6ft 01 W x 14ft 11 L

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