Premier 1A

The Beechcraft Premier 1A is a small business jet ideal for private hire. Its 6 luxurious executive seats offer a comfortable flight for your group. The seats are laid out in club 4 with two additional forward facing seats. The Beechcraft Premier 1A offers a spacious, pleasant cabin with the tallest cabin height in its class, perfect for short haul trips. This small jet has a range of 2 hours or 1,175miles, whisking you to numerous locations around Europe without having to stop to refuel.

This jet, available for charter through Azzura Charters, provides generous interior storage space for your carry-on luggage, briefcases, and so forth, as well as large exterior nose and aft baggage compartments. Inside the roomy cabin, passengers benefit from executive tables, which allow you to work while in the air, a refreshment centre, which will be filled with your choice of cold refreshments prior to departure, and a small washroom facility at the rear.

There are major benefits to choosing private jet hire, and the Beechcraft Premier 1A in particular. This aircraft offers good flying performance; it can cruise at 500 miles per hour making it one of the fastest small business jets around. This efficiency saves you time and money. Private jet charter enables you and your group to fly in and out of small airports not available to other aircraft. You dodge the tedious check in and security queues, instead you travel in style and much more time-efficiently. With small business jet charter from Azzura Charters, we will organise an itinerary to fit around you. There is no need to be constrained by the timetables of scheduled airlines. If your meeting overruns, or you want to fit another round in on the golf course, simply give us a call and we will change the flight departure time to suit.

 Premier 1 Interior    Premier 1 Exterior

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