Eurocopter EC130

The Eurocopter EC130 is a single engine helicopter. It has a wide body design and is composed of the latest advanced technology. The EC130 has a spacious cabin, which is capable of accommodating a total of seven passengers and one pilot. Four passengers are seated in the rear and the remaining three are at the front with the pilot, which provides an excellent view of how the helicopter is operated. The EC130 helicopter is perfect for sightseeing, with it’s impressively large glass windows.

The EC130 has an enclosed tail fan, meaning that it doesn’t make much noise. This helicopter is perfect for making a slick and impressive impression, with a smart and simple design. Eurocopter helicopters have been manufactured since 1992, the company is now called Airbus Helicopters and they have become one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. This helicopter is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 178 mph and a range capacity of 606 kilometres.

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