Eurocopter EC120

The Eurocopter EC120 is a single engine helicopter, composed of technology far more advanced than any other helicopter in its class, offering exceptional performance, designed with simplicity in mind for safe and cost efficient operations. Maintenance is made easier thanks to the simplistic design. The helicopter can seat up to 5 passengers, 3 of which are seated in the rear of the comfortable cabin, which means the two remaining passengers are seated are the front with the cabin with the pilot. Sitting at the front with the pilot will give you the opportunity to see how the helicopter is operated and get a fantastic view.

Eurocopter helicopters have been produced since 1992. The company is now known as Airbus Helicopters and is one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, in terms of revenues and turbine helicopter deliveries. The EC120 has a smart, simple and efficient design, including a fenestron tail rotor, which makes it a particularly quiet helicopter. The helicopter’s engine type is Turbomeca Arrius, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 174 mph and a range of 770 km.

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