Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is one of the best super midsize business jets available from Azzura. It has 9 ergonomic passenger seats, featuring adjustable armrests and optional lumbar supports. This exceptional aircraft also has an easily accessible luggage area and a fully enclosed wash room. Passengers are given the option of various hot and cold foods, served by the flight attendant. Drinks are available from the luxury refreshment counter. The Cessna Citation Sovereign has a superior range of 5,273km, making it the charter hire of choice for those individuals who are flying to various regions of Europe and the Middle East.

The interior of the Cessna Citation Sovereign has been optimised for business use. The seat armrests may be recessed as a means of maximising aisle space. Passengers can work on the fold down tables and make calls from the satellite phone. The aircraft has a sophisticated environmental control system, which allows customers to make reasonable alterations to the on-board temperature. Business travellers who opt for this super midsize business jet charter can also be assured of ultimate safety.

The Citation Sovereign has been designed to take off from a relatively short run of 4,000 feet. It also has outstanding landing capabilities. This means that customers have the option of travelling from smaller local airports. Azzura customers don't have the inconvenience of lengthy check in queues. They can enjoy use of the airport business facilities before flying in ultimate style and comfort. So make the smart choice and get a quote for your private jet charter from Azzura.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Interior Cessna Citation Sovereign Floorplan Cessna Citation Sovereign Exterior

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