Cessna Citation XLS

The best-selling Cessna Citation XLS+ is the fully updated version of the Citation Excel. The stand-up cabin offers passengers plenty of room to move about whilst in the air and 7 or 8 passengers can enjoy the fully reclining, extra wide leather seats and 2 seat couch, which have been designed for optimum seated comfort. Large exterior baggage compartments free up space in the cabin, and there is interior storage that can accommodate garment bags and carry-on size luggage. This is a luxuriously appointed midsize business jet that propels you to your destination with speed and style.

This midsize business jet has a range of 4 hours, or approximately 1,860 miles, covering many major European cities from the UK. The Cessna Citation XLS+ has the shortest take-off distance in its class, enabling you to access private jet charter from short runway airports that are normally the reserve of light jets. Hiring a business jet is convenient and time efficient. No more lengthy check-in queues or waiting around in busy airports. Simply arrive at your chosen departure airport approximately 15 minutes prior to departure and be whisked straight through to a business lounge and your awaiting aircraft beyond. Once on-board, you can turn the jet into a flying office, using the fold out tables as desks.

With this type of business jet charter, it is possible to have a flight attendant and hot catering service when the jet is not fully occupied. Otherwise, your charter will include cold, light catering. Azzura Charter are well known in the business aviation world. We have developed relationships with aircraft operators, handling agents and caterers around the world to be able to offer you a choice of supplier. We design your itinerary around your individual requirements.

Cessna Citation XLS+ Interior Cessna Citation XLS+ Floorplan Cessna Citation XLS+ Exterior

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