Cessna Citation Jet 4

The Cessna Citation Jet 4 is the newest member of the CJ family, offering the longest cabin length at over 17ft. It is the first Citation Jet to provide a dual zone climate control system, allowing passengers to set their own air cabin temperature. The Cessna Citation Jet 4 is suitable for hire by parties of up to 7 looking to travel within Europe.

This small business jet offers a stylish cabin where you can sink into the sumptuous, reclining leather seats that benefit from high resolution seat monitors. To make your time in the air productive, simply plug your computer into your seat monitor and you can create an ergonomically correct working environment. Alternatively, kick back and relax with your favourite DVD or Blu Ray. The standard seat configuration on this is 6 wide seats in club formation, plus another seat set sideways, opposite the entrance to the cabin. Large windows let in a plethora of natural light, and the cabin is kept quiet by acoustic-blanket soundproofing.

With a range of 1,930 miles, the Cessna Citation Jet 4 can easily cover most of Western Europe. Its capability to take off from short runways means that you can make use of smaller, regional airports and dedicated business aviation centres, which are likely to be more convenient. Not only do you not have to negotiate the traffic surrounding major airports, private jet charter means that there are no tedious check-in queues. Simply arrive at your chosen departure airport approximately 20 minutes prior to departure and the discrete, dedicated team will have you checked in, security cleared and onto your private jet within minutes.

Small business jet charter is ideal for both business and leisure. Azzura Charters work around you. Tell us where you want to go and when, we will devise a bespoke schedule that fits around you. If you want to stay a little longer or your meeting overruns, no problem, we will hold the plane until you are ready to board. Hiring a private jet offers you and your party a convenient, safe and fast way to travel.

Cessna Citation Jet 4 Interior Cessna Citation Jet 4 Floorplan  Cessna Citation Jet 4 Exterior

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