Cessna Citation Excel

The Cessna Citation Excel is one of the smaller midsize business jets. Depending on cabin configuration, between 7 and 8 passenger can sit comfortably for journeys of up to 3 hours. There is enough headroom to stand up in the cabin, which has a fully enclosed washroom at the rear and a bar/galley area. When you charter a Cessna Citation Excel, you are typically provided with light, cold catering but hot catering can often be provided upon request. Private jet hire offers a fast and comfortable way to travel. The Excel can reach top speeds of over 500 mph and fly at altitudes of up to 45,000 ft, avoiding any weather.

Inside the cabin, you will be spoiled by the plush surroundings. The door and windows are all triple sealed making the cabin is quiet and draught free. One of the benefits of business jet charter is that you can continue to work during your journey, making productive use of your time. The Cessna Citation Excel comes complete with a satellite phone so you can keep in contact with the ground, and fold out tables give you a handy place to work. Should you be looking to relax during your jet charter, you can relax into the comfortable seats and watch a DVD. This midsize business jet boasts a large external baggage compartment that can hold several full size suitcases, and there is an additional closet inside the cabin for additional storage.

The Cessna Citation Excel has exemplary climb performance and excellent take-off and landing capabilities. This allows you to make use of smaller airports, closer to your destination. Private jet hire with Azzura Charters offers your party the freedom to choose your departure and arrival airports without being constrained by scheduled airline timetables. Business jet charter is convenient and time efficient and we are here to ensure your charter runs as smoothly as possible.

Cessna Citation Excel Interior Cessna Citation Excel Exterior

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