Cessna Citation Bravo

If you’re looking to hire a small business jet that comfortably seats 7 passengers for short flights, the Cessna Citation Bravo would be an ideal choice. This jet available to charter has a range of 2 hours or 1,700 miles making most of Western Europe easily accessible for both business and leisure trips. The Cessna Citation Bravo is capable of using short runways, making smaller, regional airports within reach. This is one of the major benefits of private jet charter; it is more convenient and gives you and your group the ability to travel closer to your destination.

On board the Citation Bravo private jet, there are comfortable leather seats that you can kick back and relax in. Plenty of natural lights floods in through the numerous windows and digital cabin pressurisation control keep your flight as comfortable as possible. Due to specially designed insulation, the Bravo offers a very quiet cabin when compared to similarly sized jets. At the rear of the cabin there is a small washroom, and there is a refreshments console designed for light cold catering. This charter hire jet has enough baggage space to accommodate your suitcases and even a couple of golf bags or sets of skis.

When hiring a private aircraft, you receive a discreet, personalised service from our dedicated staff. Azzura Charters take pride in exceeding customer expectations. We keep in touch with you, a PA or chauffeur throughout the charter process so that your journey is as smooth as possible. With small business jet charter, it’s not necessary to put up with long check in or security queues. Simply arrive at your departure airport around 15 minutes before your flight departs and be whisked off into the business lounge. On arrival in your destination, you will feel rested and ready to tackle your busy day ahead, whether you’re hitting the slopes, visiting museums or have an important business meeting.

Cessna Citation Bravo Interior  Cessna Citation Bravo Exterior

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