Bombardier Lear 60XR

The Bombardier Lear 60XR offers a unique combination of high speed performance and a stylish interior. This midsize business jet can out climb any other in its class and cruise above traffic and turbulence, whisking you to your destination with speed and grace. The elegant cabin comfortably seats 6 or 7 passengers, and with a range of 5 hours, or 2,280 miles, the Bombardier Lear 60XR is ideal for short to mid haul business jet charter.

Once inside this private jet, there is enough room to stand up and move around comfortably. The interior is designed for functional luxury and offers the most seated head and shoulder room in the mid-size jet class. The seats are covered with supple leather and the interior is finished with fine fabrics and precious wood veneers. Business travellers will enjoy the ability to stay connected, this jet comes with a satellite phone and some have internet access. Those looking to relax will enjoy the entertainment system. Business jet hire offers you a luxurious and convenient way to travel with all mod cons.

When you charter a Bombardier Lear 60XR, a flight attendant and hot catering can be included on request. Private jet charter is efficient and prevents you from having to waste hours waiting around at airports. Many business aviation centres allow you to be driven almost up to the side of the plane, and with the ability of midsize business jets to use shorter runways you can utilise airports that are more convenient to your destination. Azzura Charters have many years’ experience in chartering private jets for its discerning customers. As long as you know where you want to travel to and when, we can create a bespoke itinerary for you and your party. Our service is centred around our customers so if your plans change we can alter your itinerary to suit.

Bombardier Learjet 60 Interior  Bombardier Learjet 60 Floorplan Bombardier Learjet 60 Exterior

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