Bell 206 Jetranger

The Bell 206 Jetranger is an exceptional single engine helicopter, offering seats for up to four passengers. One of those seats is up front next to the driver, where you’ll see how the helicopter is operated. There is one pilot and the helicopter itself is two bladed. Overall, the Bell helicopter offers excellent performance and with helicopter charter, great convenience and comfort for both leisure and business travel.

The Bell 206 Jetranger is thought to be one of the most successful commercial helicopters ever built. The Bell helicopter offers superb visibility, with its unique panoramic windows. It looks smart and if you’re looking to make an impression, helicopter charter is the way to go. The helicopter is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 122 mph and boasts a range of 298 miles.

Helicopter charter is an ideal method of luxury transport, not only because it is a more exciting way of travelling, but it also reduces travelling time and offers exceptional flexibility. This means that any stress that would usually be inflicted by pesky check-ins and long, and sometimes delayed waits for your flight is eliminated. You have more privacy than you could ever hope to get on a normal plane, meaning you can conduct a business meeting without having any interruptions. Alternatively, sit back and relax knowing that the flight is tailored to your requirements.

The flexibility and freedom provided with helicopter charter is unrivaled, you can choose when the flight takes off, the speed you travel at, where you sit and who travels with you. You won’t need to wait around waiting for other people. With helicopter charter your journey is much more special and personal.

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